By: Akosua Debrah (

To celebrate the contributions of pharmacists, the Community Practice Pharmacists Association (CPPA) organized the World Pharmacists Day Symposium, to commemorate the occasion and inspire community pharmacists to do more. The symposium which attracted sister associations from Nigeria and other West African countries highlighted the need for community pharmacists to adapt to the evolving landscape of healthcare demands in order to make more impact.

Speaking on the theme for the year 2023; “Pharmacy strengthening health systems”, the President of CPPA, Pharm Dr Emmanuel Ireland, highlighted key principles to guide community pharmacists for the implementation of clinical professional services in the community pharmacy. He emphasized that community pharmacy professionals are no longer confined to merely stocking and dispensing medications, but are key players in the healthcare spectrum, offering services such as medication therapy management, immunizations, and consultation services among other professional services. He stressed the need for pharmacists to stay up to date with the latest medical advances in order to provide the best care possible. To excel in these roles, the President reiterated the need for pharmacists to be equipped with the latest evidence-based knowledge and skills to remain competent and confident. This is where accreditation training becomes crucial.

The symposium emphasized the importance of accreditation training as a means to raise the standards of pharmacy practice to meet global standards of pharmaceutical care, and help pharmacists better engage with patients and provide tailored solutions to their healthcare needs. He added that though Continuous Professional Development (CPD) courses are invaluable for keeping pharmacists informed, accreditation training offers a more structured and comprehensive approach to ensuring that pharmacists meet and maintain certain standards of practice.

In a significant leap toward elevating the role of community pharmacists and enhancing the quality of healthcare services in Ghana, the Ghana College of Pharmacists is set to introduce accreditation training courses for community pharmacists. This landmark initiative aims to empower community pharmacists with specialized knowledge and skills, enabling them to deliver even more comprehensive and high-quality professional services to the Ghanaian populace.

The CPPA World Pharmacists Day Symposium was a resounding success, with the CPPA encouraging all its members to get copies of the association’s newsletter which is available in both digital and print forms