The Ghana Pharmaceutical Journal (GPJ) is the official journal of the Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana (PSGH). The online journal has two separate sections. The first section is for SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH where the following are published: a broad range of peer-reviewed original research papers, reviews, practice-based case reports, perspectives, evidence-based Continuous Professional Development (CPD) articles, practice reports and other scientific works on topical issues in the pharmaceutical sector and the life sciences.

The second section, called THE APOTHECARY NEWS (AN) is dedicated to the exchange of information and understandings about medical and non-medical issues among pharmacists and healthcare practitioners in general. It publishes news items, non-peer reviewed opinion and feature articles, among many others.

Aims and scope
As a journal devoted to advancing the course of pharmacy practice and research, the GPJ accepts papers from following disciplines: Pharmacology, toxicology, pharmaceutical chemistry, Pharmacy practice, pharmaceutics, complementary and alternative medicines, Herbal medicine, public health, and other related disciplines.

The GPJ strives to offer more than a publishing platform. It is our hope that the journal will invite researchers, students, healthcare professionals and policy makers all over the world to become more engaged with the published items.