PSGH TIME WITH THE LEGENDS: Learning valuable lessons from accomplished professionals
Without mentoring, there would be no Apple Computers and many of our great artist and industry leaders wouldn’t be where they are today. Not everything can be learned from school, the internet or the library. Sometimes the only way to advance is to learn directly from someone who knows – a mentor.

Time with legends of the profession, the flagship mentorship programme of the PSGH, spearheaded by the Capacity Building & Mentorship Committee (CBMC) is about to hit our screens in the coming days once again. Time with Legends offers the platform where young pharmacists and pharmacists
seeking new career opportunities get to interact with senior pharmacists who have reached the zenith of their careers and whose stories can teach, inspire, motivate and empower listeners to achieve more…

Our legend for this edition is Pharm. Dr (Mrs) Martha Gyansa-Lutterodt, the Former Director of Technical Coordination at the Ministry of Health.

10 fun facts & trivia about the Legend Pharm. Dr. (Mrs). Martha Gyansa-Lutterodt

1. Martha was the first (1 st ) Female Chief Pharmacist and Director of Pharmaceutical services of Ghana and immediate former Director for Technical Coordination at the Ministry of Health.
2. Auntie Martha, as she is affectionately called, was a member of the PSGH Governing Board from 2011-2019 and currently a member of PSGH Advocacy Committee.
3. She is married to Apostle Manford Gyansa-Lutterodt (Esq.) and have 5 Children. The couple oversees Bethel Chapel, a branch of Life International Churches located at Community 21 Annex.
4. Dr. (Mrs.) Martha Gyansa-Lutterodt is health policy analyst with specialty in pharmaceutical policy with over 35 years of public service at the management level.
5. She is an old Student of OLA Girls Senior High School in Ho, where she was once the Senior Prefect (SP).
6. Currently she is an Expert member of the World Health Organisation Expert Committee on Medicines Policy and Management in that capacity has developed
and reviewed Medicines Policy for Sierra Leone and South Sudan
7. She is also a researcher, with over 22 publications to her name in various subject areas including universal health coverage, access to medicines and antimicrobial resistance and stewardship, among several areas.

8. Dr Gyansa-Lutterodt is the Chairman of the Ghana Chapter of West Africa Post Graduate College of Pharmacists, a Foundation fellow of Ghana College of
Pharmacists, and a fellow of the Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana.
9. Until she retired from Public Service was a member of the Presidential Vaccine Committee and the Technical lead for the National Vaccine Policy document.
10. She attended KNUST Ghana with B Pharm 1987, Leeds University 1997 and 2001, United Kingdom in Health Policy and GIMPA’s School of Governance and Leadership for Leadership and Governance in 2013. Martha also holds a Doctorate in Pharmacy from KNUST, Ghana.