Dr. Dominic Otchere, the newly appointed Director of Pharmaceutical Services for the Ghana Health Service (GHS), has outlined an ambitious strategy to reshape the landscape of pharmaceutical care in Ghana. In a recent courtesy call on the President of the Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana (PSGH) at the PSGH office in Baastona Spintex, Accra, Dr. Otchere laid out his strategic vision for the future of pharmacy practice in the country.

During the meeting, Dr. Otchere highlighted four key areas that will define his tenure:

  1. Restructuring at Headquarters

Dr. Otchere emphasized the necessity of a comprehensive restructuring at the GHS headquarters, which he believes should permeate down to regional levels. He proposed the introduction of Deputy Directors of Pharmacy to oversee and coordinate pharmaceutical services more effectively. This hierarchical restructuring aims to enhance operational efficiency and ensure that regional and district health services are well-aligned with the central directives.

  1. Promoting Pharmaceutical Care at All Levels

A significant shift in focus towards patient-centric care is at the heart of Dr. Otchere’s vision. He stressed the importance of promoting pharmaceutical care across all levels of pharmacy practice. This new perspective mandates a standard routine practice, particularly in single-pharmacist stations, ensuring a balanced attention to both clinical and administrative services. By doing so, Dr. Otchere envisions a more integrated and holistic approach to patient care, where pharmacists play a crucial role in the healthcare delivery system.

  1. Standardization of Practice Guidelines

To streamline and enhance the quality of pharmaceutical services, Dr. Otchere plans to roll out Standards of Practice Guidelines. This initiative includes the introduction of a standardized reporting format, which is essential for maintaining consistency, transparency, and accountability across all pharmaceutical practices within the GHS. Standardized guidelines are expected to elevate the overall quality of service delivery and facilitate better monitoring and evaluation.

  1. Support for the GHS Network of Practice

Dr. Otchere underscored the importance of supporting the GHS Network of Practice and the District Health/Primary Health concept. He pointed out that strengthening health centres at the district and primary levels is crucial for the successful implementation of his vision. By bolstering these foundational health units, the GHS aims to provide more accessible and higher-quality healthcare services to communities, thereby improving public health outcomes.

The President of PSGH, in response, expressed strong support for Dr. Otchere’s vision, commending the comprehensive and patient-focused approach. He assured the full cooperation of the PSGH in realizing these goals, emphasizing the collaborative effort required to bring about meaningful changes in the pharmaceutical sector.

Dr. Otchere’s strategic plan reflects a transformative agenda aimed at enhancing the efficiency, effectiveness, and quality of pharmaceutical services in Ghana.