The Ashanti Regional Branch of the Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana (PSGH) marked the culmination of the year with its highly anticipated end-of-year meeting, held on Thursday, December 14th 2023, at the True Vine Hotel. The event was a resounding success, attracting the active participation of 67 enthusiastic members. The meeting served not only as a platform for professional engagement but also as an opportunity for networking.

During the proceedings, the branch had the privilege of receiving insightful messages from representatives of two practice groups—GHOSPA and CPPA . The messages conveyed were not only informative but also contributed to the collaborative spirit that defines the pharmaceutical community. The open forum segment of the meeting provided members with the chance to voice their opinions, share experiences, and engage in meaningful discussions. It was a forum where ideas flowed freely, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose among the attendees. One of the key highlights of the meeting was the discussion of crucial details about the upcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM). Members had the opportunity to delve into important matters, gaining insights into the agenda and expectations for the forthcoming event.

The atmosphere was one of delight and enthusiasm as members actively participated in the various discussions. The end-of-year meeting not only served its purpose as a professional gathering but also created a memorable and enjoyable experience for all those in attendance. As the meeting concluded, the satisfaction and thrill of the members were palpable. The success of the event underscored the effectiveness of such gatherings in fostering a strong sense of community and professional solidarity within the PSGH Ashanti Regional Branch.