Dear Pharmacist,

The PSGH Secretariat has been in constant contact with the FIP and the General Pharmaceutical Council of Spain on the difficulties pharmacists are facing in the quest to get visas to Seville for the 2022 FIP Congress. They have also in turn informed the Foreign Ministry of Spain who have been in touch with the Spanish Embassy in Accra.

The PSGH Secretariat had also written to the Spanish Embassy with the list of registered Congress attendees from Ghana. The Spanish Embassy has reiterated that all applicants would still have to go through the online appointment process via the BSL website. The appointment portal is usually opened from the 26th of the particular month. In this case, it may be possible to make appointment reservation from 26th July.

For those whose visas were denied, the Consular has requested that you appeal directly to the Embassy of Spain in Ghana written in Spanish by the applicant and to be submitted by hand. The appeal has to be compulsorily signed by the visa applicant.

For further information, kindly contact 0208162909.

Thank you.