On the 23rd of May,2022, the Trauma & Orthopaedics Department and the Accident and Emergency(A&E) Centre at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital jointly organized a send-off party for Mr. Steven Corquaye. He was a former Pharmacist for both Departments. The event was to show the Department’s appreciation for his enormous and remarkable contribution to their growth. During the ceremony, it was noted that Mr. Corquaye had spent 19 years of his working life as a pharmacist in both departments and generally served the hospital for 25years.

The Head of both Departments, Dr. Fredrick Kwarteng, in his address shared fond memories whiles working with Mr. Corquaye, adding that “every working moment was very much enduring and cherished”. Dr. Kwarteng added that Mr. Corquaye had worked very hard for the department as a core management member and as a departmental pharmacist. The Director of Pharmacy, Dr. Daniel Ankrah, in his address, also shared some memories he had with Mr. Coquaye. Dr. Ankrah noted that he appreciated Mr. Corquaye’s frankness and open-mindedness while in active service. “Mr. Corquaye believes in success so when he starts something he makes sure it ends it perfectly”, Dr. Ankrah noted.

Other staff members present also shared some pleasant and interesting memories they had of Mr. Corquaye. They were happy about the impact his presence had had on their working life. As a token of appreciation, the two Departments presented him with a citation and a cash package. The  Korle Bu Welfare Union also gifted him a cash package in appreciation and in recognition as a former Welfare Chairman.

Mr. Corquaye expressed his appreciation to God for making it possible to achieve all he did while in active service, adding, “I believe the tribute given when you’re alive is better than when you’re dead”. He showed gratitude to all the team members he had worked with for their support.“I know I was able to achieve these things because of teamwork, thank you all”, Mr. Corquaye noted. In his concluding remarks, Mr. Corquaye advised the hospital youth to work hard and not focus too much on financial gains.