One of the key priority areas of the PSGH 10-year Strategic Plan is continuous capacity building to ensure that pharmacists are well skilled and resourced to carry out their responsibilities.

In line with this strategic objective, the PSGH will commission a project that will build the capacity of pharmacists in small-scale manufacturing of allopathic and herbal medicines. Similar capacity building projects that will be rolled out later will also aim to strengthen the capacity of pharmacists in quality assurance and large-scale production.

These projects are especially timely and important as the country works to position itself as the pharmaceutical manufacturing hub of the sub-region.

These projects will utilise pedagogy, mentorship, and apprenticeship approach to impart knowledge and skills to participants. The Society will draw on the expertise of seasoned pharmacists who have carved an enviable niche for themselves in SSM.

In addition to the training, the PSGH would provide the needed technical support for trainees to venture into the business of small-scale manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and herbal medicines.

The Project will be spearheaded by the Capacity & Mentorship Committee, Industrial Pharmacists Association, and with the support of the Small-Scale Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association of Ghana and the FDA.

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