Leadership of PSGH and LAPAG have once again visited Pharm. Dr. Mrs. Rachel Okem Otchere Adjetey who is receiving care at the country’s only quaternary hospital, the University of Ghana Medical Centre (UGMC).

The PSGH President, Pharm. Dr. Samuel Kow Donkoh presented a cheque of GHC50,000 to the husband of Pharm. Rachel at the UGMC yesterday.  This presentation was largely made up of the contribution that was solicited from pharmacists led by LAPAG. This presentation followed an earlier one of Ghc10,000 from the PSGH Welfare Fund and GHC10,000 from GHOSPA Welfare Fund. GHOSPA has also provided 2 months of her prescription and committed to supporting with subsequent  prescriptions. The President was accompanied by the LAPAG secretary, Pharm. Fareeda Serwaa Brobbey and the PSGH Executive Secretary,  Rev. Pharm. Dennis Sena Awitty.


Rachel safely delivered her 2nd child via caesarean on 26th January 2023 and had a 72-hour window to receive an Anti D vaccine. Unfortunately, Atracurium was administered instead via intramuscular injection, causing her body to shut down and her heart to stop beating, depriving her of oxygen for hours.

Since then, Rachel spent weeks on a ventilator in the ICU, with a tracheostomy, battled severe infections and fought to stay alive. Upon discharge from the hospital on 5th May 2023, she has been scheduled for urgent rehabilitative care to help her regain brain function and motility.

She has been diagnosed with Hypoxic Ishcaemic brain injury post cardiac arrest sec to medication error (atracurium), acute pulmonary thromboembolism, ECHO suggestive of PE, aspiration Pneumonia and Infected gluteal ulcer.