The Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana (PSGH) held an informative and engaging orientation session for its newly elected Governing Board (GB) members at the society’s headquarters in Accra on Friday, October 6th, 2023. The event aimed to familiarize the incoming board members with the organization’s structure, operations, and strategic plans.

The orientation session commenced with an opening address from the PSGH President, Pharm. Dr. Samuel Kow Donkoh. He warmly welcomed the GB members and thanked them for availing themselves to serve the Society. Dr. Donkoh then proceeded to lead members to take their oath of office and swear an oath of secrecy as GB members of the Society. On his part, the Executive Secretary (ES), Rev. Dr. Dennis Sena Awitty, provided a comprehensive overview of the PSGH’s staff and the day-to-day operations at the Secretariat. He highlighted the importance of the GB’s role in supporting the staff to achieve the society’s mission and objectives. In addition to detailing the Secretariat’s operations, the ES also discussed the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), policies and regulations that govern the operations of the PSGH. He emphasized the critical role of the GB in ensuring the society’s adherence to these policies and encouraged members to actively engage in policy discussions and decisions.

Continuing the orientation, Pharm. Dr. Richmond Adusa-Poku, the Executive Member of the PSGH’s Standing Executive Committee (SEC), discussed communication strategies and channels. She highlighted the need for efficient communication between the Secretariat, the SEC, and the GB. He detailed the various platforms and methods through which information flows within the organization, underscoring the need for timeliness of communication to members and the public. Vice President of PSGH, Pharm. Kwabena Offei Asante, who is also a legal practitioner, then took the floor to provide a comprehensive overview of the PSGH constitution. He placed particular emphasis on the society’s objectives and the specific responsibilities of the GB in realizing these objectives.  Pharm. Asante urged the board members to be proactive in aligning their decisions and actions with the PSGH’s core goals.

This was followed by presentation by the incumbent Treasurer and immediate past chairperson of the Strategic Plan Coordinating Committee, Pharm. Dr. Naana Aboagye Asare. She offered an enlightening overview of the PSGH’s ambitious 10-year strategic plan, outlining its goals, objectives, and key performance indicators. She reiterated the GB’s critical role in ensuring the society’s long-term success. The Honorable Treasurer assumed the podium once again to provide a detailed overview of the PSGH’s financial regulations and spending patterns. He elucidated the importance of financial prudence and accountability in safeguarding the society’s assets and resources. Dr. Naana Aboagye Asare further outlined the various funds and accounts held by the PSGH, emphasizing their distinct purposes and the necessity of maintaining transparency in financial transactions. She concluded her presentation with a breakdown of membership dues, ensuring that the GB members had a clear understanding of the financial contributions that sustain the society’s operations.

Following this financial insight, PSGH President, Pharm. Dr. Samuel Kow Donkoh took the opportunity to explain the comprehensive welfare systems in place to support PSGH members. Dr. Donkoh placed particular emphasis on the PSGH/GLICO life insurance, which offers crucial coverage to members and their families. She also highlighted the contingency welfare plan, which serves as a safety net for members facing unforeseen challenges. The President underscored the PSGH’s commitment to the well-being of its members, ensuring their peace of mind as they contribute to the pharmacy profession’s advancement.

Past President Benjamin Botwe then shared valuable insights into the intricate relationship between the Standing Executive Committee (SEC) and the Governing Board (GB). He expounded on how these two integral components of PSGH’s leadership structure complement one another in pursuing the society’s goals and objectives. Mr. Botwe stressed the importance of collaboration, teamwork, and clear communication between the SEC and GB members to facilitate efficient decision-making and strategic planning.

In his closing remarks, President Samuel Donkoh reiterated the significance of GB members assuming full leadership status within the PSGH. He emphasized that they should work selflessly and tirelessly for the betterment of the society, acknowledging that their roles would be pivotal in steering the PSGH toward its mission of advancing pharmaceutical practice and healthcare in Ghana.

The orientation session continued to foster a sense of unity, purpose, and commitment among the GB members. It provided them with a comprehensive understanding of the PSGH’s financial landscape, the support systems in place for members, and the intricate dynamics of leadership within the organization. With this knowledge, the newly appointed GB members are well-prepared to embark on their roles and contribute meaningfully to the advancement of the pharmacy profession in Ghana. Each session of the orientation session concluded with a lively question-and-answer session, during which GB members had the opportunity to seek clarifications and engage in meaningful discussions with the PSGH leadership team. The event fostered a sense of camaraderie among the board members and demonstrated PSGH’s commitment to equipping its leadership with the knowledge and tools necessary to drive the organization forward.