At the 2022 AGM in Tamale, members were informed of an enhanced welfare package. In addition to the new Welfare Package, members were also informed of the Governing Board’s resolution for members to take on Group Life Insurance Policy. After an extensive review of various proposals from the Life Insurance Companies by the PSGH Welfare Committee, GLICO Life Insurance Company was chosen based on the benefits they offered. For an annual premium of GH¢120, the benefits include Life Insurance, Critical Illness, Permanent Disability, Death of Spouse, Child (Max.3) and Parents (Max.2) Benefits.

The packages include ₵20,000 payout to a beneficiary should a member die, ₵10, 000 payouts in times of critical illness, ₵20,000 for permanent disability, ₵10,000 spousal benefit, 7,000 per child benefit (capped at 3 children) and ₵7,000 parents’ benefit, with no waiting period for initial members who join. All members of the Society who are below the age of 70 are eligible to subscribe.

The scope of critical illness that will be covered under the scheme include Stroke, Heart Attack, Cancer, Paralysis, Major Burns, Major Organ Transplant, Coma, Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, Acute Respiratory Failure, Alzheimer’s Disease, Blindness (Severe Glaucoma or Cataract), Renal Failure and Multiple Sclerosis.

The Group Life Insurance Policy is absolutely voluntary. However, the PSGH leadership encourages all members to enroll. You can do so by completing the form below: The minimum annual premium is GH¢120 (GH¢10 per month) but a higher premium may come with enhanced benefits.

Interested pharmacists should click on the link below and fill out the form.