Takoradi, Ghana – GLICO, a prominent figure in the insurance industry, has teamed up with the Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana (PSGH) to introduce a specialized life insurance policy tailored exclusively for pharmacists. Launched last year, this visionary partnership aims to provide financial risk protection to pharmacists and their dependents, against critical illness and death.

As part of an ongoing partnership, GLICO, as a key sponsor of the recent PSGH conference in Takoradi, rewarded some 15 pharmacists who had already enrolled in the GLICO/PSGH life insurance policy during a lucky dip game at the conference dinner.

All fifteen policyholders received a goody bag containing GLICO-branded thermos flask, notepads, tissue packs, memo blocks among many others. In addition, the 15 lucky insured pharmacists received fuel vouchers amounting to 10,000.00 cedis only, underlining GLICO’s commitment to recognizing and appreciating the enthusiasm of pharmacists who prioritize their financial well-being.

The excitement reached its peak when Pharm. Edith Brago Boateng, the CPPA national Secretary emerged as the fortunate recipient of the grand prize—a brand-new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5, valued at more than $2000.00. The thrilling win was a highlight of the event, leaving attendees in awe of Edith’s good fortune.

When the Apothecary news reached out to Edith, this is what she had to say “…My first thought was did I hear my name right? Then my registration number was mentioned. I was thrilled by the type of phone and the brand. Not just anything but Galaxy Z fold 5.I am really excited that I signed unto the insurance because it provides a better cushion when the inevitable happens. To GLICO I say a big thank you for such a wonderful present for just being part of the insurance family.

Commenting on the relationship between GLICO Life and the Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana, Mrs. Ladonna Agyeman-Buahin, Chief Operating Officer of GLICO Life, stated, “At GLICO Life, our commitment to members of PSGH has been demonstrated through the establishment of the PSGH-GLICO Life Insurance Scheme which covers the PSGH member, spouse and other dependents. Our recent sponsorship of the PSGH AGM and our prompt payment of claims to PSGH members highlight our dedication to providing security and peace of mind to the Society. We strongly encourage all PSGH members to join the scheme, ensuring that you and your loved ones are protected against life’s uncertainties. At GLICO, we proudly cushion you for life.”