“We face neither East nor West: we face forward.”

Kwame Nkrumah,

(First President of Ghana)

 Ghana, our beloved nation, has for centuries been noted as a treasure trove of rich natural resources. From the gold which permeates our soil, to the diverse natural vegetation and species which traverse our land, to the industrious and hospitable people who live here: our homeland is truly blessed. A great part of our natural, human and mineral resources can be found in the region that needs no introduction and prides itself on having “the best”. This year, the Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana will convene its annual general conference in the Twin cities of Sekondi-Takoradi from Tuesday the 5th September to Friday 8th September. Optional tours will span Saturday 9th– Sunday 10th September 2023.

In view of the diversity, breadth and depth of the skills of the pharmacist (as a professional) and the pharmaceutical sector as a whole; the theme selected for this year’s conference is: The Pharmacist for National development. The venue is the Ashley Lassen Hangar at the Airforce Base, Takoradi.

National Development conversations globally have focused on human, economic, and other core development issues that drive a nation’s progress. In recent decades, sustainable development principles have sought to match human development aspirations with natural systems to provide a safe ecosystem for humanity.

Ghana has been a part of this quest. After 66 years of nationhood, our recent/present challenges invite us all to reflect, review and renew every effort needed to build a sustainable development model for our dear nation.

One of the sectors with a huge potential as an industry to address many of the basic development goals for Ghana is the pharmaceutical sector comprising of all areas of pharmaceutical practice.

The pharmaceutical sector plays a critical role in the development of Ghana, whether one looks at creating jobs, creating wealth, increasing export earnings, exploiting natural herbal remedies or improving public health among others. In other jurisdictions, the Pharmaceutical sector has been the key to developing strong, healthy resilient and prosperous societies.

 This year, the Society will take holistic stock of the role the pharmacist as a professional and the pharmaceutical sector can play towards the development of Ghana. Three key aspects of development will run through the all deliberations specifically: job creation, wealth creation and improving health outcomes. Pharmacists can look forward to a thought-provoking thematic speech during the opening ceremony delivered by a global business executive and transformational leader, Sir Samuel Jonah.

The Wednesday afternoon symposium on the theme will critically examine the question:

Is the current training of pharmacists preparing them to contribute adequately to national development?

On Thursday 8th September, Pharmacists will gather in their various practice groups for their CPD updates and their group AGMs. In the afternoon, stimulating scientific and professional development sessions will give members the opportunity to listen to researchers and seasoned speakers on the topics: ethical issues in modern practice and the changing dynamics of pharmacy business.

As 2023, is a conference year, the election of the executives who will steer the affairs of the society and form the next Governing board, will be conducted digitally. On Friday, after the Young Pharmacists’ Group meet, the current executives will give an account of their tenure during the business session followed by the LAPAG session in the afternoon.

After a seventeen-year hiatus, the PSGH will return the Western Region for this all- important conference. It is worth singing the praises of this region as there is a lot to delight any visitor to the West. From Asankrangwa, Axim, Dixcove, Tarkwa, Bibiani, to Sekondi; Azaay, Taadi she yie!

This is the region which gave the nation illustrious personalities such as first President of the Republic of Ghana, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. History attests to his visionary leadership and strong belief that the black man is capable of managing his own affairs.

From picturesque ancient forts, pristine coconut lined beach resorts, cocoa farms, oil rigs and beautiful seaside resorts …. this region seems to have it all. Indigenes of this region, proudly declare that “the best is in the west” and therefore we have adopted a slogan which declares where the vibe will be in the first week of September…azaay ɔrekɔdɔ wɔ Taadi!!!’

By day, we will reflect on how we can best manage our affairs and by night we will relax and unwind as we enjoy all the delights of the oil city. On Tuesday year groups and YPG will have the opportunity to hold their own hangouts at popular spots in the city. On Wednesday night, the Western Region minister and our local hosts will titillate us with a sumptuous akwaaba cocktail followed by an unforgettable musical night. Indeed, this region is replete with gifted musicians so your guess is as good as mine as to  who the headline musical artiste will be…….

Get ready to be thrilled by the creativity of Roverman productions on Thursday night when they enact one of their most recent plays at the Ashley Lassen Hangar. The Ashley Lassen hangar at the Airforce Base, which is usually the home to a fleet of planes and helicopters, will serve as the “landing zone” for the ultimate event of the AGM which will be the closing dinner and awards night. This event promises to be a lively ending at which pharmacists can unwind and dance away the night.

No exposition on Takoradi would be complete without a description of the delicious local ‘edziban’. Sumptuous local fare like octopus, fish, prawns, shrimps, crabs, fermented corn dough balls (etew), fresh fish stew (fanti-fanti), acheke and tilapia, boiled bambara bean stew and fried mashed ripe plantain (tatale) will be on the menu. One can only give one response when offered such an array…. ‘edziban…dzie dzie’.

For those of us who wish to have the holistic AGM experience, start your 2023 AGM journey on a high note by joining the twin city Storm buses on Tuesday the 5th September to offer services to Sekondi prison or people in the Apremdo Market area. Plan to stay over the weekend and explore the tourist sites in the city with one of the various AGM tour packages. One can choose to visit one of Ghana’s last remnants of untouched forest, Ankasa Forest Reserve which was designated a World heritage site by UNESCO; or visit the ancient stilted village of Nzulenzu; relax and have fun and games at any of the numerous beach resorts (Busia, Lou Moon, Maha or Ankobra), see the ancient forts dotted along the coastline or even take a conducted tour of all the memorable sights within the twin cities. From beginning to the end, this promises to be an exceptional AGM in a bustling, cosmopolitan city.

With booming oil, mining and industrial sector, the harbor city of Takoradi is fast becoming a preferred holiday and conference venue in Ghana. Avoid the lastminute rush and potential disappointment by registering for the conference now.

For all AGM related information (registration, tours , accommodation, sponsorship etc) simply click this link: https://linktr.ee/psghagm2023

This AGM will offer all pharmacists and friends of this noble profession an opportunity to experience all the great things the Western region has to offer. Come and join us as we move westward to Takoradi and position ourselves to move our profession and nation forward at the 2023 AGM in Takoradi.



Yaa Adwo Osei–Ofei, Naessiamba Eab-Aggrey & Andrew Ofori Annan.