The President of the Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana (PSGH), Pharm. Dr. Samuel Kow Donkoh, has revealed that retail pharmacies that are owned by pharmacists are likely to have pharmacists available to work and supervise their operations, as compared to facilities owned by non-pharmacists.

The president made this remark when he took his turn to address participants at the launch of the maiden Community Pharmacy Practice Week Celebration at the Standards height in Accra on 4th June 2023.

According to Prez Donkoh, the PSGH has commissioned a monitoring exercise to check for the presence of Pharmacists in pharmacies. So far, over 1000 pharmacies have been visited in Accra and Kumasi, and in both evenings and mornings, pharmacists-owned pharmacies are better supervised. The full report is expected to stimulate discussions at the upcoming AGM.

This empirical evidence, according to Prez Donkoh, is a solid ground for advocacy efforts to promote pharmacists-owned pharmacies.

In a related development, Prez. Donkoh on the same platform called for the adoption and implementation of the PSGH-led fee-for-professional services in community practice. “Pharmacist compensation mechanisms must be adapted to support the provision of professional services that are not directly linked to sales from the supply of medicines”, Prez Donkoh iterated.