Takoradi, Ghana – In a grand culmination to its recent conference in Takoradi, the Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana (PSGH) celebrated the achievements and dedication of nine outstanding pharmacists by awarding them the prestigious title of Fellow. This distinguished honor is regarded as the highest recognition the Society can bestow upon a pharmacist and underscores the exceptional contributions of these pharmacists to the field of pharmacy.

The Fellowship award is a mark of distinction within the PSGH, recognizing individuals who have demonstrated exemplary dedication, expertise, and service in the field of pharmacy. The award of fellow is in pursuant of Article 3, clause III of the PSGH constitution, which stipulates that Any full member who, in the opinion of the Society, has rendered invaluable service to the profession of pharmacy or has significantly contributed to the advancement of pharmaceutical knowledge may be elected as a Fellow.”

The nine pharmacists who received the prestigious Fellowship are as follows:

  1. Prof. Anthony Amalba (PA 1220)
  2. Dr. Samuel Nkansah (PA 905)
  3. Kwasi Poku Boateng (PA 1196)
  4. Mrs. Doris Attafua (PA 768)
  5. Charles Dontoh (PA 658)
  6. Alex Nyamesa Kesse (PA 981)
  7. Dr. Mrs. Delese Darko (PA 1137)
  8. Dr. Mrs. Yvonne Yirenkyiwaa Esseku (PA 1575)
  9. Prof. Berko Panyin Anto (PA 1165)

Each of the Fellows received a citation for their exceptional accomplishments and unwavering commitment to advancing the pharmacy profession in Ghana. The PSGH is confident that these newly awarded Fellows will continue to serve as role models and inspire future generations of pharmacists to reach new heights in their careers.

The conferment of the Fellowship honors at the Takoradi conference was a momentous occasion, signifying the Society’s commitment to recognizing excellence in pharmacy and fostering the continued growth of the profession in Ghana.