The president of the Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana has made a passionate call on Indian Pharma companies who set up in Ghana to employ Ghanaian pharmacists as Medical Representatives and managers.

He made this appeal at the just ended “India-Ghana Pharma Business Meet” which took place on 27th February 2023 in Accra. In an address to the gathering, President Samuel Kow Donkoh stated that “it is becoming a norm for Indian companies to come to Ghana and employ expatriates Indians as marketers and country managers”. This practice, according to the president, is not in the interest of Ghanaian Pharmacists who have years of experience and market knowledge to help Pharma to grow. The Big Pharma companies like Roche, Astra Zeneca, GSK, Pfizer J&J etc have always employed Ghanaian Pharmacists as country managers to lead their operations and that is what we expect from India partners who intend to set up their local marketing offices in Ghana.

In a related development, President Sam Donkoh made a request to the Indian companies to support the development of Industrial Pharmacists for our local manufacturing companies. According to the president, emphasis should be placed on enhancing the technical knowledge required to set up and run GMP-compliant manufacturing plants and to develop products that meet regulatory requirements for marketing authorization. “We need build capacities for our Pharmacists in Production and Quality Assurance’, the president concluded, calling for a collaboration with the Capacity Building and Mentorship committee of PSGH.