By: Pharm Andrew Annan, MPSGH, BPharm
(Member, AGM 2022 Publicity Sub-Committee)
Posted on 8th July, 2022

Tamale Kawula!

I hope you replied ALAAFE! We are edging ever closer to our Annual General Meeting (AGM). At this juncture, we should all know what Tamale Kawula means. Simply, Tamale, how is it? Alaafe, the response, means cool!

Despite this lovely greeting, we do not expect cool temperatures in Tamale; hence we hope you are packing your bags accordingly and booking accommodation with that in mind. Tamale awaits and we have a lot in store!

The Thematic speaker

In case you missed it, our AGM commences on the 29th of August till the 4th of September with exciting and engaging sessions lined up.

As we are aware, our conference theme is “Optimizing the Pharmaceutical Workforce in a Rapidly Developing World” and we chose a befitting speaker in one of our own, a pharmacist by training and banker by profession, Mansa Nettey. Mansa Nettey is currently the Chief Executive of Standard Chartered Bank Ghana PLC, the first woman ever to hold that position in the 126-year history of the global bank’s operations. She brings her positive track record in managing diverse indigenous and global teams in challenging environments and her vast professional experience to the examination of our theme, making her thematic speech one you would not want to miss out on!

Tamale Storm

Colleagues, I promised excitement in the first article and that is just what we will kickstart the AGM with, in the form of our outreach/corporate social responsibility activity on Tuesday 30th August 2022. The outreach will be dubbed “TAMALE STORM” and will be carried out at the Tamale Prison, Central Market and the school for the deaf (Savelugu).

The ‘Storm’ will be followed by an evening cocktail on UDS campus, adjacent to the Main Auditorium where sessions will be held. The cocktail will be hosted by the Northern Region branch of PSGH and you can be assured of the best grills and barbeques the North has to offer with your favorite local drinks to wash it all down. Year groups will have the opportunity to ‘rep their decade’ as the best DJ plays favorite tunes from the 70’s through to this contemporary era to welcome participants.

Opening ceremony

On Wednesday 31st August 2022, the day will start with the first Business Session and the official opening ceremony; the opening of the scientific poster gallery and main exhibition will end the morning sessions.

In the afternoon be prepared for rigorous intellectual discourse on the theme as four panelists engage in the Great Debate – a new innovative way to explore the prospects for the pharmaceutical workforce going forward. All members present and online can look forward to contributing their thoughts to the debate.

Wednesday will conclude with the Amaraba (Welcome) Cocktail hosted by the President’s representative in the Region, the Hon. Shaani Shaibu, Northern regional minister.

A Day for YPG & Drama

Thursday morning, (or Alaamishi, if you are already practicing your Dagbani) will commence with the Young Pharmacists’ Group (YPG) meeting with other practice group sessions following afterwards. In the afternoon, we will turn our focus to scientific and continuous professional development sessions.

In keeping with the saying, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, Thursday will end with a drama night in the main auditorium of UDS.

Business session

PSGH business will be front and center once again as our new Standing Executive Members give an account of their first year in office; we review the financial statements and discuss all that matters concerning the profession. This session is central to the AGM and we strongly encourage all to sign in and attend it.  The official sessions will conclude in the afternoon with a session for Lady Pharmacists’ Association of Ghana (LAPAG). In the evening, we can look forward to the grand closing dinner so pack your dinner dresses and suits.

Games & Tourism

On Saturday, it will all be about fun and games as some embark on tours (paid) to explore the legendary sights of the North. There will be two routes to choose from.

(ROUTE 1 -Paga Crocodile pond, Pikoworo Slave camp. Sirigu Pottery & Baskety Market to Tongu Hills and Tengzu Shrine;

ROUTE 2- Mole game reserve; Larabanga Mosque and Larabanga Mystic Stone)

For those who choose to relax and destress in town, we will enjoy games in Tamale between 8am -3pm.

This year there would also be special exhibitions dedicated to goods from the three Northern regions right at the UDS auditorium, so be prepared to shop! What else do you need to be covered? Here is my quick 6-item checklist:

  • Ensure your PSGH dues are up to date! To register for the conference in person or online your payment status will have to be updated.
  • Secure your accommodation by paying for a hotel. PS: You can book now with the accommodation list that has been circulated on all PSGH-approved WhatsApp and Telegram platforms, payment confirms the booking!
  • Collaborate with your regional executives who will coordinate bus transportation arrangements to Tamale. Security escorts will be made for buses where necessary.
  • For those travelling on your own, keep the first rule of security in mind at all times: your security is your responsibility.

Plan to travel early in the day rather than at night; especially through the Bono region to Tamale. Don’t drive tired. It is better to plan a sleepover and arrive later & safely.

  • Register online to participate virtually if you can not make it in person. AGM 2022 will be brought to you live through the conference event application which will be shared with members in August.
  • Pack a bag with your clothes, sunscreen, sneakers, suits, heels and smock and pick another empty bag for the guinea fowl and shea butter.

We are headed to the North! Tamale Kawula!


About Author
Andrew Annan is a pharmacist with over 5 years’ experience in community pharmacy and retail operations, working across over 10 retail and wholesale pharmacy locations. He’s an advocate for preventive medicine and is leading a charge to usher in a new paradigm of patient-centered care that impacts citizens of Ghana and beyond starting with his health blog He’s a published author in the GCP Journal and a contributor to the Apothecary Newsletter, the official newsletter of all Ghana based pharmacists. He serves as a member of the PSGH Editorial board and in the executive body of the Greater Accra chapter of the PSGH as a media coordinator.