In a heartwarming act of community care and as friends of the human race, the Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana (PSGH) reached out to the residents of Aklamador, a village impacted by the recent Akosombo dam spillage. Having received less attention than other affected areas and missed during the first round of aid, Aklamador received much-needed support with Pharmaceutical and general healthcare services, essential medicines, and a special Christmas package.

Well Over 420 residents, including women, and children, benefited from the PSGH’s initiative. Led by the Volta Regional Branch under the chairmanship of Pharm. Dr. Courage Edem Ketor, the program offered:

  • Pharmaceutical Care: A team of Pharmacists Pharmacy students, together a Medical Doctor and some nurses, provided medical consultations, Medication Reviews and dispensed essential medicines.
  • Health Outreach: Residents received vital health information and education on managing various health conditions.
  • NHIS Renewal: The PSGH, in collaboration with the NHIS District Office, facilitated the renewal of inactive or expired National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) cards, ensuring access to affordable healthcare.

Double Dose of Hope

Recognizing the ongoing challenges faced by the community, PSGH went above and beyond pharmaceutical care. A second donation of essential medicines was made to the District Health Directorate, and each family received a special Christmas package filled with essentials like rice, oil, tin tomatoes, and canned fish.

Spreading Holiday Cheer

Pharm. Dr. Samuel Kow Donkoh, President of the PSGH, graced the occasion as the Special Guest, adding to the festive spirit and underlining the Society’s commitment to serving communities in need. This act of kindness from the PSGH serves as a beacon of hope for communities affected by the dam spillage and beyond.