The Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana’s regional branches marked the 2023 Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Awareness Week with impactful and diverse awareness campaigns across the various regions.

Regional branches organized engaging radio talk shows discussing the significance of AMR, responsible antibiotic use, and the role of communities in addressing this critical issue. Several regions also conducted medical outreaches, bringing healthcare professionals to local communities to provide free health checks, consultations, and distribute educational materials on AMR. These outreaches aimed to raise awareness about the responsible use of antibiotics and the potential consequences of AMR on public health.

PSGH Ashanti region on radio talk shows

PSGH-UW creating awareness on radio

PSGH branches organized workshops and seminars in communities, schools, and local health centers. These events focused on educating participants about the importance of completing antibiotic courses, adhering to prescriptions, and understanding the broader implications of AMR.

PSGH volta region creating awareness on AMR

PSG-WR creating awareness at Jemima Crenstil and Holy Child Hospitals in Takoradi

Leveraging the power of social media, PSGH regional branches ran targeted campaigns on various platforms to reach a wider audience. These campaigns included informative graphics, short videos, and interactive quizzes to engage the public and disseminate crucial information about AMR.